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Getting Started

It is really easy to get started with us - just follow these steps:

1.  Download ACH Processor Application, fill it out and sign.  Attach EIN verification (approved SS-4 form) and a voided check. 

Fax to: 858-815-9262. 

Once we review your application we will email you the ACH Processor's agreement. In the meantime, download ACH Processor Checklist and prepare the required documents.

2.  For each of your payroll clients - print Company Application & Authorization, have your payroll clients sign it, attach a copy of approved SS-4 form (EIN verification) and a voided check for each client.

3.  Mail the originals of signed ACH Processor Agreement, Company Application & Authorization, and required documents specified in ACH Processor's Checklist to AME Business Services, LLC

Mail to: ACH GURU 

12463 Rancho Bernardo Rd. #206, San Diego, CA 92128

Once we receive signed ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS - Procesor Application, Processor Agreement and Company Authorizations we will setup you up for use of Direct Deposit services and ACH payments.



ACH Setup Documents
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize (Kb) 
ACH Processor ApplicationACH GuruSetup8/25/201271.90Download
ACH Processor ChecklistACH GuruSetup8/25/2012214.49Download
Company Application & AuthorizationACH GuruDirect Deposit8/25/201273.63Download
Employee AuthorizationACH GuruDirect Deposit9/16/200853.51Download
ACH Billing AuthorizationACH GuruBilling8/4/201461.13Download
What are these documents?

Here's a more detailed explanation of the documents that you need to submit:

ACH Processor Application - this document contains information about your company, owners, and planned usage of the ACH service. You will need to fill this application for your company if you plan to process direct deposit yourself or if you plan to provide ACH Service to your payroll clients.

ACH Processor Checklist - this document outlines the information and the documents that have to collect from you in order to provide ACH Services.

Company Application and Authorization  -  this document contains information about the payroll clients that would like to have direct deposit and/or tax payment service. Company Application and Authorizations is required for each payroll client that wishes to utilize our services.

Employee Authorization - this document is provided as a courtesy to your payroll clients. They will need to distribute this form to each employee and have them sign it. These authorizations should be kept on file by your payroll clients. Please do not send the Emmployee authorizations to us, as we don't require that information.

Call us between 10 am and 2 pm @ 1-866-846-9599 with questions.

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